Triple E Surf Side #7 Windows & Interior Work

Dec  29  2020

Time to tackle the inside mess..

And the windows are a part of that cause they need the wood framing on the inside.  So I can work on several things here.  One of the first things I did was power wash the windows. They were filthy.. way better to work on clean stuff.  Too bad the green paint didn’t come off with the dirt.  Sigh !  So lets talk devotion..  These are Jalousie (louvered)  windows.  46 years old..  And hurting for some love.. The opening mechanisms are mostly wore out.  and the seals are either dried up , cracked or missing.  SOOOO  I have spent some money and ordered new openers and all the seals.  AND I’m taking them all apart because that is how you clean the green paint off.

With a wire wheel and sanding block too.  It’s going to take two days for each of the four windows.  However… they will be shiny new and working perfectly.  Here’s a video…

Video is mostly about the window work..  It’s going well but tedious.  I’ll be waiting a few days for the order to get here. And can’t assemble the windows till then.  But there are other things to do if I finish the windows before the parts arrive.  One of the most important part of these windows is the actuator ..or cranky thingy.

Here’s the two from the rear window which has separate sets of panes and a left and a right actuators.  The other three windows are all right hand actuators.  I ordered four new ones… not remembering the fifth one ( left hand).  Good thing it still works good.  So far I’ve only found one broken .. I’m interested to see how a new one works.

Hey check out the factory correct “Surf Side”  in the same location too.  The palm trees are my little touch.  I just couldn’t resist applying one.. Now that the paint is fully cured.  I finally got all the windows cleaned and even the missing glass replaced.   Today the new seals arrived !

50 ft … I hope it’s enough.  Still waiting for the actuators .. then I can assemble the windows.  In the mean time I got some 1×6 boards , Some of which will become the new inside window frames.  Real wood not plywood like the rotten ones I tossed.  These will be painted with the walls & ceiling.  They will also provide attach points for overhead cabinets and window dressing.

A bunch of this will become framing for cabinets too.  The Boler had molded fiberglass cabinets … the Scamp had the same but I did not install them..  This will be very different and challenge my wood working skills.  The actuators ( cranky thingy’s) have arrived so I spent the day re assembling the four windows.

Can you tell which ones are new ?  There is a difference for sure.. Smoother and tight.  Now all the windows are back together cleaned fixed , new seals, new cranky things.

Just imagine… Windows that work , don’t leak and not silicon-ed shut.  No missing glass too !  Now for the inside frames.

Got myself a biscuit joiner..  And dusted off the table saw.  Here’s the large rear window frame glued and curing.  These are good enough to stain and varnish….but that’s not happening.  They will be painted with the ceiling and walls.

So I primed them with good primer.. backside too!  The factory plywood ones were toast from moisture getting behind and de-laminating the plywood.  Now comes the work inside.  Got to clean the Ensolite on the walls and ceiling.  Plus remove the unnecessary bits.  Here’s a video I made today…

I tried a sample of paint on some scraps.. plus the acrylic caulking just to see how good it all works.  Nice.  So I’ve spent some time repairing the Ensolite.  And now I have the first coat on..  It will take two coats to get an even look.

Sure brightens up the interior.  Repairs done to the walls and ceiling look great.  I used a silk (semi gloss) acrylic floor paint..  pure white, two coats.  The walls are now washable.  And yes you see windows !

This is a mile stone…  with the windows back in.  One inch vinyl trim insert covers the screws nicely.  Things are moving along.

Today I made a wiring harness for the running lights.  Properly color coded … actually using a 25 ft trailer 4 pin harness and adding a backup light wire.

Yes loom too..  Tested and working.   Then I got real ambitious and cut the holes for …and mounted the six LED tail lights.  And the side marker lights too.

This is different … most of these trailers have regular trailer lights.. I just gotta be different! Now I got to figure out where the license plate goes.  The bumper I guess..

Another milestone …. The lino is done (floor)   So now I move on to the cabinets…  And a new page.

#8  Cabinets