1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 9 Cabinets

Mar 3 2023

This is kinda the home stretch..

I’m giving myself till the end of April to be finished the trailer.  So I’m tidying up the shop and making room to work on the cabinets, which have been piled on the work table since removing them.


We are starting with the closet cabinet by the door.  These side pieces fit the wall nicely.  So I want to use them..  However the builders tag is on the inside, so that one will be a template for a new wall.  The one laying down just needs more framing added.  For sure I’m making a new front for the closet.  And that will be the method I know from the 76 Surfside.

The piece in the middle is for the bottom.  It includes a flange for screwing to the floor.  Here’s what it looks like in place.

You have to lift the roof just a tad to put it in place, so that’s good support.  The side walls have more structure in them than the factory side walls.  When attached to the front they will make everything strong. finished on the inside too.  I want it to look nice when you open the closet door.

Here’s the side wall that goes next to the seat.  This will be primed and painted, so the nails are filled.  The inside walls will be natural wood.   On the wall next to the door I added even more structure wood.


There is good reason for this.  I need the thickness to staple the gimp trim to, and the shelves need attach points.  The wires will be run inside this wall too.

Hiding..   You won’t see very many wires in my build. I can put the inside panel on now.   And with that all done I finished the closet..

Turned out good !  Seams a shame to paint this..  but most of the cabinets that will not be changed are painted.  Those are the seats front and the two for a table.  They are in good condition so I will only tweak them a little.  Time for a test fit before I paint this one and the rear seat.

Very nice fit…just a few adjustments.  I also marked on the seat where to trim a bit.  Wave the magic wand and……

Primed , painted and the rubber gimp trim added.  A thin carpeting will be glued to the top side of the seats.  What’s gimp ?  Sometimes called “welt”  It was used years ago in RV’s.  I’m bringing it back ! A great way to hide poorly fitting stuff and the best thing is it provides a seal between the cabinets and the floor.  The left side seat was an easy fix.  Mostly just paint needed and a trim where it sits on the floor.

I’m now working on the kitchen cabinet..  and that’s a big one with a complete re-design.  Time to start a new post for that work..

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