1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 7 Interior

Jan 24 2023

Walls , Ceiling & Wiring:

This is a big one ! Lots of work to be done.

I’m going to start by cleaning up.  There’s a plan now.. I have a fairly good idea of what I’m going to do as far as design of the interior. The basic layout of the cabinets will stay the same. But they all need some rebuilding and modifying.   I’ve purchased the flooring and have made some color choices.  But first there is some repairs to be done..  And lets start with the floor.

Just in the rear outer corners. No drain holes… so any water would have soaked into the plywood ( which it did ) and you get rot.  So I’ve cut out the problem area.  Now this area is under the benches and is just storage.  However I’m still running the floor all the way out.  But for now it’s the tedious cleaning of the vinyl /foam ceiling and walls. Then I make sure all the messy stuff is done.  I don’t want to clean twice.

Today I got the ceiling and walls painted.  Looks nice and clean and new.  This time I did not install the window frames yet..  They will not be white.  Now I need to focus on the floor and the frames for the hatches.  Just about done the frames for the hatches.  The floor has new patches now and I’m getting ready to spray gravel guard on the inside of the storage under the rear seating.  Also my supplies are arriving daily.  The Diesel heater came today and I have most of he electrical stuff.  I made lights for the inside of the hatches so you can see what you got.

Yes I like those penny lights.  Just drill a 3/4 ” hole and they just pop in.  And that brings me to working on the running lights. Now that the floor is prepped and the black finish done on the walls.  This is a good time to do the wiring back here.

I’ve sneaked the wires behind the wall finish.  The exposed wires will be in loom.  You can see one of my compartment light too.  And I have success. The lights work !

And.. the back up lights too.  These lights are my signature for the surf side trailers.

And now I have done all the running lights wiring.  Plus the two compartment lights.  The wires for the running lights now go through the tongue box and to the 7 pin junction box.

This is all done too.  Breakaway is wired in and so is a 12 gauge red wire to the battery.  So easy to work with these boxes..  Love em.

Unfortunately I had to run the heater tube out the side.  I wanted to discreetly run this through the back of the box.  But it would have ended up in the wrong compartment. Oh well this works.  Today I also installed the two hatches.

Wow these are great !  They are for boats … but hey they work here too.


Now I have great access to under the seats.. Lighted too !  Don’t need to prop them open either..  Ha.  Next is the windows and the flooring..  But first there is something in my way that doesn’t have to be..  Because it goes on the roof !  The Max Fan ..  I made it easy to install.

And so it was, and is done.  I bought this years ago for another RV but never got around to doing that.. So Now it has a home.  In the photo it’s closed, but open or closed the rain can’t get in.  Cool !

Now I got brave and did the flooring. I was worried about how this would go.  But it didn’t take too long.. a day and a half.  I like this choice it ads warmth to a bright interior.

This is a bit of a mile stone on the trailer work.  The floor covers up the last of the yuckyness .  Next will be making new window frames. So let’s start a new post for the windows:

Work on the Windows Page 8