1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 6 Painting

Jan 18 2023

Paint’n the town !   Exterior first..

Cuz that’s the way I roll !  Pun intended. I’m cleaning up the shop and the trailer so as to not have any dust.  Here’s a last look at the Surfside before the primer goes on.

Time to mask the belly band and the fridge vents.  Two coats of primer comin up..

The Supplies ! Couldn’t get the off white in gallons so we have four cans.  While I was preparing the door for painting I noticed the two halves were coming apart..

So I mixed up some resin and clamped it tight.  I hope this works.  Yes it did..  all better.. And here is a video update:

The first coat of primer is on and our trailer is looking “Whitish”.

Lots of defects disappear even with just the first coat.  Once it’s cured overnight, I’ll inspect for touch ups and then the second coat of primer. And when that’s cured I sand the whole trailer.

And now we are very shiny and a slight off white.  Needs a scuff and the second coat.  I’m thinking about a black line below the belly band.

The door looks good ! Need to paint the other side though.  Well now the trailer body is all done. And looks great.

Black & white is the theme for the exterior.  So I’m painting the fridge vents all black. They are cream color right now.. so need a change.  I’m proposing a 2″ black band just below the belly band.  To break things up a bit without getting too crazy.

Ya… That looks better.  And here’s a peak at how the vent frame turned out’


Nice shiny door ..    On to the interior now, here’s the link:

Interior Work: