Triple E Surf Side # 4 Body work part 1

Nov 27 2020

Starting work on the the body. & removing the interior stuff.  Goal is to have just a shell.

The first thing was to get it to fit into the shop.  We had to remove the roof vent .. and then it just fit under the door.

And we are in..   Now the fun part !  Removing everything..  Yup all of it.  except the roof vent … that’s done.  I guess the body will take two posts because there is a lot involved in just getting to the re – finishing part.

Along the way you find treasures like the factory power center. This could be fixed up, modernized and used again.

And this little water pump..  I did not know they made these.  If it works great I’ll use it..  Otherwise it’s a hand pump.  And so I continue the purge of the interior.

Still fighting with the furnace.. it’s rusted and wont come apart.  The only nasty is the wiring..  It’s a mess, except for the running lights. That seems to be intact.

That’s no big deal..  I was expecting this.  Everyone makes a mess outa the wiring.  Still have the closet to pull out.. and that darn furnace  too.  Then it will be time to work on the outside..  Thought I’d try a window to see how hard it will be to remove it..  Rusty screws are the biggest problem. But it came out easy.

The other problem ( which I can fix) is the sag in the roof..  I jacked it up a good 3 inches.  That’s what happens when you remove the support ( like the fridge cabinet) and there is a snow load.  There  needs to be something holding up the roof.  Still fighting with the furnace !  The exhaust pipe rusts bad and won’t let go.  but I got the exterior all stripped.

Now I’m scrapping years of silicone. Wandering from job to job..  Mostly getting ready to repair the holes and re do the bad fixn. I placed some orders for supplies and dug through my RV stashes for things I’ll need.  Plus I cleaned up the wires.  Here’s the latest video..

Started work on the sanding and filling.   And the door and parts of the roof are first.

The holes are all gone on the door.  I’ve sanded more of the green paint from the door because of some scratches (Dog comes to mind).  Mostly I will leave the green paint on the body.  Rule #203 “If it’s a lot of work to take it off then it’s good enough to leave on”.  It’s some tough paint.  Stripper barely removes it.  The “Pre-Coat” primer doesn’t bother it.. so we just sand it smooth and work with that.  And I’m taking my time.. But still making progress.

At this point I have sanded and patched the top half of the trailer.  Now the only hole in the roof is the vent.  The big patches are on the lower half.  I’ve mulled over what to do with the rub rail.  And I’m going to take the time to remove all the paint ….back to aluminum and from the black vinyl insert too.  The green will be only a memory. And here’s a sample of the result..

Way better than just painting the whole thing black.

This post page is getting too long so time for a second part for the body repairs. Cuz there’s lot’s more to do…

#5  Body Work part 2