Old Cub 60 Mower

Nov  16 2020

I don’t know how old..  Let’s say 70’s.

But I’ve had this little guy stashed away for 9 years.  It’s sooo cute !  Made by International Harvester..  Powered by a whopin 6 hp tecumseh  motor..  4 speeds..  both forward and backward.  And a stylin body like a little car.

Electric Start !  I wish… not this one.  There is no electrical system ..  too bad cause it needs lights.

I bought this off folks in Oliver for $50. (that’s their kid )  not running ..  Needed a head gasket..   So when I got it home we bought that and ..carb kit , spark plug and an air cleaner..  All of this for another $50.  So I’m into the little clown car for $100.  Ya “Clown Car”  That what it looks like..  So It’s a bit nasty outside so this is a good one to get running..  Also I did a big clean up in the Frankenport this summer and this got booted from it’s hiding place.

And now it on the lift table and I’m preforming surgery on the motor. Hay got the parts why not.  First  “Off with the Head”.   Yup a chunk the gasket was gone..  So here I’ve done some cleaning

Lot’s more cleaning to do before putting things back..  Also I checked the spark.. And we have good spark..  That’s one of the things needed.  The other is fuel.   so the carb is getting a good cleaning and all new parts.

Going to need new fuel lines as well.  And the pull starter needs a little help.

Went out to the shop this morning and the motor had strangely puked all it’s oil out on the lift table..  I’m guessing me spinning the motor with the drill to test for spark has caused something to happen.  The oil is all over the pulley under the motor …so main seal ?  crack on the crank case ?  Now you gotta think just how much parts or a new motor is this old mower worth.  The fuel tank is full of rust. Is it going to leak ?  Only one of the four wheels holds air..  Will the transmission work ?  I know it’s somewhat fun to work on these things.  And I’ve restored many many mowers.. But I don’t have the patience for motors I used to.   I think I’ll put the little guy back together and pass it on.