70’s Terra Jet 453E page3

March  15  2017

Finishing the Tub…

I used truck box liner finish on the first Terra Jet.. and I liked the results.  It’s a rough finish.. but hey it’s a rough looking tub.

And that’s done..   Reminds me of the first Terra Jet tub.  Yup.. more or less the same..  Except the frames are welded in the newer ones..  so much heavier to move.   and while the Rhino liner paint is curing..  I set to work doing a few small touches to the bumpers..  plus I installed the side boards that protect the body sides.

Like this winch mount on the front..  It’s upside down ..  so is the tub.  This holds a 2000 lb winch quite nicely.

Also a small improvement to the hitch..  some places to hook to.   Very nice..   It’s the little touches that I like..  Everything got some black paint..  and will be finished off when the tub gets flipped.  I’m trying some new paint..  It’s much like the Por 15 that I like.. but less cost.  So far so good ..

It’s a nice shiny black.. and brushes on smooth.   I’m cleaning and sorting and painting some of the parts..  I’m finding out that between the two Terra Jets there are big differences..  Such as the steering.  I noticed that the steering  from the 76 TJ is offset to one side..  so all the bits are different from the 73 TJ where the steering wheel is in the middle.  Hmm..  I have to be careful. Even these pedals are slightly different.


One thing leads to another:

So I’m picking and choosing the parts I want to use..  And I’m finding all kinds of compatibility issues.   I want to use one part of the steering from the newer TJ and that means I need to change a bunch of stuff..  and !  I will need to use all the steering parts from that TJ all the way to the wheel hubs..   On top of that ..

The brake pedal , and it’s hanger / cross piece are a bit different to allow for the steering shaft and the park brake to work.


And this bracket ..  for the steering will need to move 2 ” over to the left.   Because the new steering is offset to the left..  Geez !  I’m sorting it out..

Inside the tub:

Lots to do as soon as the paint cures good..   I will need to move that steering bracket,  weld on a center seat support..  and a battery tray.  Also I have to remove the transmission adjustment bracket.  This setup is for a two stroke motor.  It will be in the way of my bigger motor.

This will be changed to the newer style.


This is the new way..  the bracket goes..  to the back wall.  This is also an adjustment for the clutch belt.  And a mount for the clutch brake..  that stops the transmission for changing gears.

Got the inside all cleaned and the steering bracket moved.

The other unnecessary stuff removed..   Above you can see the body seam caulking ..  A little added leak proofing..  and it smooth’s out the sharp edges for painting.   Again I’m going with gray paint..  it’s easier to see leaks and to work on stuff with a lighter color.

PLUS…   It looks good with the black tub.. blue body.   Just need to install a battery holder and modify the motor mount to suit the Honda.   And that leads to the Re- assembly .   And another page !

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