70’s Terra Jet 453E page 4

March  28  2017

Continuing with the RE-Assembly:

I’m going to spend another few days before I kick the TJ outside so I can use the shop for servicing tractors..   So let’s se what I can do.

The Chain :

There it is..  The greasy mess.   Well this took most of a day..  got the tension sprocket in the wrong place.  so had to do it all over..  Got it right now..  and everything is smooth.   Also got the brake caliper mounted ..  it fits it’s new home great..

Wheels & Rims:

today I was going to put the wheels back on the TJ..  But as I was looking them over and there was too much I didn’t like..  Two of the tires were very old..  like 40 years !  cracked..  They all had tubes in them.. .so there were other issues.   I decided to pull them all off the rims.  What a job..   rusted on there..  tubes stuck..  yuck.  So what better time to pick the best rims..  clean them up …  paint them and mount the new tires I bought two years ago.

This is the tires I got..   as close to the chevron tread as I could get with out breaking the bank..   Just need to go get them from storage.   And I’ve painted the rims…  black,  BUT  dark steel gray on the outside.. where you see..   classy.

When the paint is good and cured I’ll mount the new tires.  Hopping the bead seals and holds air ..

Rollin Rollin Rollin…

Those are some bad tires ..  but they hold air the way they are suppose too..   and they look good ..

I’m putting the body back on and covering the TJ outside for a bit..

But come on… gota take a photo first.   And just because the TJ goes out of the shop..  does not mean I stop working on the project.  I need to get the motor ready,  The seat ready, the floor panels, roll bar and windshield..   All these things can be done in the shop still.   All done for now.

Update :  When we were moving to Alberta a lot of things had to go …this was one of them. sold to someone who planned to finish it.