1991 GMC Tracker Page 9

Jan 31 2016

Final Page – End of the Project:

Nine pages!  could have been shorter if I want each post page to be longer.  But I don’t like to scroll down so far..  So this last post is a wrap up.. and thoughts on my second Tracker project.  The first being the 1989 Tracker I restored in 2008.  Please note this is the third Tracker I’ve owned.  I had a 1989 back in 2001.  I really like these little 4×4’s.  And I’m not alone ,  They are very popular, and when in good shape command a higher than normal price for a 26 year old vehicle.   Anyway I took this:


Sad, beat up , not running , rusty and un-loved Tracker..  To this:

Happy, bright blue, running, rust free and much loved Tracker.

It took three months of my spare time, and a modest budget to get to this.  I had a lot of help when I needed it from my good friend Dave and my Nephew Peter.   I was able to use Peter’s Auto shop for some of the mechanical work.  And his parts discount for all the parts that had to be purchased.  Otherwise this would not have happened.  I don’t have a hoist or the vast amount of special tools for auto repair.  I do have what it takes to make stuff look good..  I’m by no means a good body guy.. or even a good painter.. but I can do it .  Pimping things is what I do..  I tried to be reasonable with the pimping.. so I kept it to things I had on hand,  Like the LED running lights, and the power locking system.

I would like to do a recap list of what this Tracker is and what’s been done to get there.  I started with a :  1991 GMC Tracker 4×4, auto trans, power steering,  removable hard top, convertible.  First the Mechanical stuff :

  • Used but good motor swapped for non running one.
  • New timing belt
  • New belts
  • New battery
  • New valve cover gasket
  • New front rotors and brakes
  • New front axle boots.
  • New exhaust tail pipe.
  • New rear shocks
  • Used alloy rims installed
  • Service Transmission / flush and filter
  • Run injector cleaning  for 30 min
  • Oil change and filter
  • New spark wires, cap and rotor

Then there’s the stuff that makes it look pretty.  Remember I wrecked out a free 89 Suzuki .  These are the things that it donated:

  • The motor
  • Both doors
  • Hood
  • Tailgate
  • Dash and gauges
  • Steering wheel
  • Tailights
  • Speakers
  • Door switch
  • Heater fan rheostat
  • Front seat frame

And this is the other stuff I spent money on:

  • Used left headlight ( expensive)
  • New winch with remote
  • Repaired upholstery on the front seats
  • New lift cylinders for the rear gate.
  • Newer spare tire
  • New trailer ball
  • Sound deadening foam and rubber
  • Under felt for carpet
  • Lots of paint and undercoating
  • Power keyless locking system
  • USB, clock and power plugs

There was a few things that I had in my shop already.  I had bought them a while back.  Like the LED lights and the bush guard.

Although I’m  now driving the Tracker and consider it done..  There is a few things still that need attention and replacement.  The Anti lock brake sensor on the differential is broken. This causes the brake warning light  to come on.  They are hard to find.. and even harder to remove the old one.. WE TRIED.  The other thing I’ve noticed is the throttle kick down cable for the transmission is frayed.. not broken yet.. but could.   And I would like to service both of the differentials oil, but the plugs are seized bad. The windshield needs replacing as well, but that needs to wait till spring.  These things will be fixed as I get to them.


The total cost for this Tracker is half of what it would sell for on the market today.  So the temptation to make a profit is there.  But this one and it’s features are on the rare side..  I much prefer the automatic to a standard.  And the power steering makes zipping around town so easy..  and I’m certain that on the back roads I’ll like both those things even more.   The hard top will out last any soft top..  and those are not as cheap anymore because of our low dollar.  Also the hard tops are in demand, and folks are always looking for used ones.  A new hard top is over a thousand bucks.  I would like to make a Tonneau cover  like in this photo below:

Because I don’t care about squeezing 4 people into my Tracker I’m not bothering with the back seat anyway.  Also I like the idea of the sliding rear window..  like a tiny truck !  A mini Avalanche !  Too cool.  Ah but that can come later too..  I’ve ordered a new stereo that is just a AM / FM media player.  No CDs.   It’s also Bluetooth , so this brings the Tracker even more into the times.

If you need to go back to where this all started ..   HERE