1991 GMC Tracker Page 8

Jan 26 2015

Page 8  The final work:  Almost done

Here it is back on the new feet, and all done except the canopy.  We pushed the Tracker forward for room to work on the tiny canopy.

Fixin The Hard Top:

I removed the rear lift gate so It would be easier to fix a few things.


One of those things was the rear window defrost grid.  Both the connectors were broken off..  So I soldered them back..  a little messy but they work good..  And since I went to the trouble to wire this feature back up..  it’s nice to have.  I also repaired two cracks in the plastic where the hinges attach.

Then I needed to have a look at the problems with the top.

Both rear corners have broken pieces that someone fixed with resin… But they cracked again because their resin did not adhere to the plastic ?  I could easily peel the patch off.  Maybe they did not sand and clean good enough.  These corners where the gasket goes is the only part holding the top from flexing.  The mount for the lift cylinders goes here too.  I’m thinking a long curved metal plate would add enough strength to keep the cracks form happening again.  But first I must try to resin and glass them back together.

I could use aluminum and put the plate on the outside to make a sandwich with the lift mounts.   But !  once the repair was cured it was strong..  Not so with the repair on the door..  The way the hinge is mounted wants to crack.  so I had to go back and use fiber cloth to make it stronger.  And adding thickness was a good thing too.  The door was too low.   Here’s a video I just did .. remembered I had a GoPro..

And here’s two “after” pics..

Still a few small details left..  And a day on the hoist servicing the transmission, installing new shocks, repairing the anti lock brake sensor plug and a bit more undercoat.

Jan 28 : Took the Tracker out for a drive with Dave today..  All’s well.   So I made another video after it can back in.

All done for now..  Let’s do a 9th page as a wrap up.. and final thoughts:

   Page 9 The End