1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 14 Final Work

Jun 2 2023

Fairly soon the Surf Side will see the light of day.  As soon as some parts get here and I get the door back on.  I have fixed the Bargman door latch, but I need a better key made

I built up welds and re shaped the latch to the original shape. May need some adjustments  after I install it.  I did not like the hinges I bought months ago ( loose pin) and they are too small. So I order a new (bigger) set.  New curtains are being made with a reflective liner.

Adding a bit of color is a good thing.  It’s Slowly coming to completion.

One more change I made was the spare tire holder. I got a new one that is higher on the bumper because I was worried the spare would touch the ground.  Now I’m fighting with the door fit a bit …  I did get the Bargman latch re keyed with two keys.

Yup.. Dog gone Door..  Fitting these is hard.. I’m getting to the point where I give up..  You get the hing side lined up perfect..  you get the gap around the door to be even … And then the latch side will not line up and the bottom is out too much.  Gerrrrr.  I Shimmed the door hinges and got a better fit..  So I’m happy again.

Cut loose from the Garage !

And out on the road.. tows great no issues except the front curtain rod bounced off ! You have to make sure there are no loose things …

99.9 % done..  Just a few little details..  But it’s going to live outside now.  And it’s up for sale..  To be replaced by a bit bigger conventional trailer with a bathroom and a bedroom.  I will start a post for that trailer…

Sold !  off to a new home in BC.


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