1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 12 Doors & Drawers

April 23 2023

The 3/4 birch plywood is perfect for the doors.  My fancy catches need that much thickness to work.  So I got busy one day with the table saw and the chop saw .. and got it done.

They are a good size too.  Glued and screwed so I don’t think they will ever come apart..  Total over build !

Let’s not mention the fiddling to get the slides and the latches to work good..  And now came the time to paint them ?  What color ?  We brought a blue cushion in and thought about it for a minute.  White..  My original color ( or non color)  If we don’t like the look they can be repainted..

In a week or so we will know if it looks ok.   I’ve now installed most of the doors, and painted the drawers.

Hmm I think we can live with the white for now.  But it’s gonna show dirty finger prints.

The closet door looks great .  What I’m up to is not all doors and drawers..  The electrical needs to be finished too.

So it was also time to get this done and working.  The three position switch with the red labels, chooses between the 110 battery charger and the 100 watt solar panel charge system.  Below that is the power for the diesel heater. To the left of that is the touch dimer for the main lighting, and it has a remote on the bed side of the closet. Then far left is what seams light something missing.  Nope..  the fuse panel is back there and it will show a red light for a blown fuse.  And with this all done I installed the fridge.

And yes the light goes out when the door is closed. Remember there is no propane in this trailer.. The fridge is cooled with a 12 volt compressor.  You can leave it running while driving without fear of a fire.   This is what my finished drawers look like..

Progress is a bit slow these days.  But I did get the solar system installed and working.

The flexible panel fit nicely on the bug screen, (that I rebuilt ) and even inside the garage it’s putting out power.

So If I need to use it Just raise the cover..

I’m picking away at the last details as I find time.  I’ve ordered some Geocell sealant to use around the windows and other outside things. I finally took the trailer off of the jack stands and down on it’s wheels.

Having the axles set at 10 degrees up instead of 22 was perfect.  With the trailer level the hitch is 16″ high. And the wheels have lots of room in the wheel wells.  The only concern is the spare tire.

Kinda close to the ground !  This may need a modification.  So I ordered one that goes straight up from the bumper and higher.  I’m waiting for that and a few other things that will complete the trailer. So lets start a new post about the last details.

The Final finishing:  Page 14