Triple E Surf Side Trailer #2 Intro

Nov  5  2020

All tarped up for the time being.

But I squeezed in the video first.

Exterior Video

Interior Video

I would love to get working on this trailer..  But the John Deere 1420 is in the shop and we are still fighting with it…  Oh well but I did remove the broken lower hinge on the door. Sorta fixed it and back on. Not sure if you can get these or not.  But it turns out it’s not special like the Boler / Scamp door hinges.  A good stainless marine hinge will work.. may even be better.  So I’ll order those.

Let’s talk about the Trailer :


Looking up the history of the Surf-Side, and using the build sheet info.. it’s determined that this is a 1976 trailer.  Built in Winnipeg  Manitoba.  The model is a TM14. The GVW is 1650 lbs.  Making this trailer very light.  There is the same torsion suspension as a Boler. The frame looks a bit stronger and rises up at the tongue giving a better 14 inch hitch height.  Also the tongue is narrower and a longer reach making it less likely to be damaged by “jack knifing”.  As you can see below.

However seems someone found a different way to do damage to the left front corner ?

Fortunately it’s fiberglass and the body work is easy …and doesn’t have to look like this butcher job !   While we are talking fixes..  The roof has sagged down .. Most likely snow load.. and made worse by the missing kitchen cabinets.  Just like the Boler those cabinets help support the roof.  So that will be fixed when I build new cabinets.  Aside from removing the green paint the windows need repairing too.  Now more will show up I’m sure, but those are the obvious ones.

Further Inspections:

And too bad these are broken..  But I want LED lights..  so new ones for sure.   Notice the back-up lights.  Ya this trailer has brakes too and the plug WAS a 7 pin.. (missing) But the wiring is still there.   A bit overkill for an under 2000 lb trailer..  But I will keep it this way.

And here’s a look under the trailer.. Looking toward the rear.  This is cool ! the bottom is molded as part of the bottom half … One big happy tub.  No skirt hanging down like the Boler. This is so much like the new trailers are built..  Casita’s and Escape’s.  Needs a bit more framing I’m thinking.

This view shows the drop in the floor where the dinette ends and the standing area starts.  Interesting..  Looks like the torsion arms are trailing and up.  And the brake drums are visible.

So much for brakes ! The wires are hanging down and dragging on the ground.  Propane lines are seen here too.  Not a fan of holes in the floor but this is probably best .   All of this tells me that gutting the trailer and even replacing the floor would be very easy.

So we wait for shop space.   That will be

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