Triple E Surf Side #10 Finishing Touches

April  18  2021

This is the last push… We are moving at the end of May and I have lots of things to finish and pack up. The Surf Side may not be 100% finished but close.  I haven’t heard from the guy making the cushions yet.  But soon.  I’ll have to sell the Surf Side without a few things done.. Like the propane lines to the furnace and stove.  And some of the cabinet doors.  Yesterday I got the tables and countertop done.

Here’s the big table …

And this is the front table.  Check out the convenience of power / USB and 12 plug.  The hatch on the left accesses the electrical stuff.  And the potty garage on the left.  I got busy on making drawers and door fronts.

With rounded corners ! Back splash and the cushions were done too.  So less that needs to finished.. I advertised the Surf Side on my preferred places  And Sold it within the same day.  Here are the final photos..

And so this story ends and now my focus is on packing up and moving… But I did sell the trailer for what I was asking. Here’s a few final photos…

The 12 volt compressor fridge..  Works great.

The bed looks great …

And away it went to a new home.  What a difference from the green monster I brought home.