The Basement Bathroom Page 3

Nov  20  2021

The final finishing touches !

I’ve been working away since the finishing of the kitchen.  Once the plumbing was all done and the last of the framing..  I was able to put up some drywall with the help from Brother Scott.

And this is where we are..  flooring is in .  then the shower stall had to be installed.

Done !  Took a whole day to do this part.. some tweaking needed. But it looks great.  Then the drywall is finished..  that covers the attachment flanges. We are ready for the taping now.  The flooring was done before the shower because I wanted the flooring to go under the shower base.  The floor is a new product.  No glue vinyl sheeting..  Thick and water proof.. just like vinyl planks but no seams. Notice the upstairs toilet drain is gone from this picture.  The modification done by the plumbers worked out perfect.

My Son has Come and taped and filled all the drywall.  And today I sanded cleaned and primed the room.

Two more days and the painting will be done. And there’s more work after that.

Painting done ! and the trim is in too.  Lights and the vent cover done !  And today I put the toilet back.

Vanity next… then maybe the door..

All DONE !

Skipped taking photos.. Sorry…  But the important thing is … I’m finished.  And we are having showers and using the bathroom.

This project turned out great.  Careful planning and quality components makes the difference..  We love the shower.  The vanity has lots of storage and counter room.  The powered mirror is just cool.

Thoughtful things like LED lights (shower too) and coat hooks for the towels.  I made a short video to point out the changes from the old bathroom..

And that concludes this project..  Taking the winter off renovations.  I will be out in the garage fixing up my new Polaris quad.   Check in on that  HERE.  Polaris 500.