Terra Jet Page 4 ( the Frame Part 2)

Jan 19 2015:

Onward like we know what we are doing…

Today we did a compression test on the cylinders.  The results were good..  110 psi in both.  not the best but good.   We decided to fire up the motor again and see how well it would run with a gas tank.  I had the GoPro ready but pushed the wrong button..  so once again no video.   🙁   We ran it for a good minute and had to stop the gas flow to shut it down…  Then tried to start it again… nope. It’s flooding very easy.   Once the carb kit is in and the carb adjusted good that should not be a problem.   So I went back to reassembling the drive line and hooking the controls up.

Here’s the Transmission all done and secondary  drive, disc brake too.   I need a castle nut for the brake adjustment, but everything works good..

It bothered Dave that we could not re-start the motor…  So he wanted another try.   With this run the transmission is installed.

Here’s the promised video..  I think the belt is just a tad too wide..  it can stall the motor when you apply the brake.  Otherwise everything is working great.. as it’s supposed too.

Work has been slow as I think about the cables and try to find some ambition.

Got it..  Just a bit more welding and I’ll paint the frame..

I’ve also been working on the front hubs..  just to do something else.  They are all done now.  Cleaned re-greased and painted.

These are three times bigger and heavier that most Quads..  In fact these could work on a farm tractor..  The U-joints are the same as on my rear PTO on the tractor..  I can see how one could install locking hubs too.  Something to think about for the Jet I’m keeping.

Meanwhile back at the FRAME:

I’ve welded more seat support , a battery holder and new nuts inside the rear axle case.   Now it’s paint time.

Here’s the underside with a coat of Por15.  It’s a very hard frame paint for cars.  Not sure if this is better that good ole rust  paint..  After all the Terra Jet frame is protected inside the tub..  But water may be there too.. so. We’ll see.    Everything I do to this Jet is a test to see what will work the best..

All done now… And I’m reserving judgment till it’s cured.

I was in a painting mood.. so I got some of the other bits painted too.  And I turned some attention to the front steering.

Axle Tubes ?  Don’t know what to call them, and when you look in the Terra Jet parts catalog… they don’t either.  Suffice to say they hold the bearings and are an outside extension of the frame.  The steering pivots on these..   So yes they are very important.  The one on the left has one of the original collette’s still in place..  The rest are 1/2 ” nuts welded on !  What a mess.  No good…  I want to make new collette’s and have set screws to lock the bolts instead of someones holes with bent nails through them..  GEEZ.   These pivots need to be strong with a good surface area.  Think of the forces on here..   Continued on page 5

Terra Jet Page 5…  The Re-Assembly