Rare Finds !

Nov 21 2017

These are (interesting to me)  rare things that I have found :

Some I have fixed up and passed on ..  and a few I still have stored.   Now someone may argue that some of these things are not really that rare .  But if it’s uncommon for the average Joe to own them.. So here I is list them.  I’m going to start with the tractors / mowers ..  these were my hobby for a long time.  Many of these were documented in my old blog.  But now I’ve lost that because I wasn’t using it enough when I got my own domain with a new blog..  The one you are reading now.

This is a GE electric lawn tractor..  I went almost to Edmonton to get this from a farmer..  I never got it running and flipped it for more dollars.. to a collector of these rare tractors..  yes they are hard to find.

Here’s it’s big brother ( bigger motor) no mower deck, that was lost.. I found this one locally..  And I still have it ..  Very rare.

This is a Toro Groundsmaster..  A very serious mower.. with a large deck..  I had two !  and I still have the parts one waiting for me under a tarp.. needs a lot of work..  maybe not very rare but still hard to find..

Oh yes..  a very rare Struck mini dozer..   So cool.. got it running great.   works just like a big one..  but the size of a lawn mower.  8 hp.  I found this way up Kootenay Lake..   sold it..  I have a video

Rv’s that are unique..  and a bit on the rare side..

My 1977 classic GMC motorhome.  Hard to find a good one in Canada..  I used it two seasons and sold it for a profit..  they gain in value if you keep them nice.  I went back to pulling a trailer.

Our 94 Award 27 ft trailer..  Loved this trailer..  used it for many years.. but it started to have structure problems.. so we sold it cheap.

1986 Winnebago LeSharo motor home.  Not very common.. cause they always broke down..  French motor !  I have replaced the motor in this one .. But it runs like crap.  Sold it cheap as is… It’s story HERE

Let’s included the Boler Trailers !

# 1..  1973 Boler..  Fully restored by me in the winter of 2017-18.   Now lives in Edmonton.  See the Blog post  HERE

#2  1979 Acorn/Scamp,  currently in the shop and having a new floor installed.   I’ll update the photo when it’s done..  /you can see the blog post  HERE

ATV’s..  These are fun projects..

Early 1970’s 6×6 BAZOOO !  yes that’s correct spelling.  I fully restored this one winter.. and It ran good..   But I just couldn’t see myself keeping it.  I sold it to a collector of rare 6×6’s .. it now lives in a museum in Indiana.  full story   HERE

A rare 1974 Terra Jet.  4×4 amphibious ATV..  yup it floats !  It’s unfinished and stored for now..  I need to install a motor.  and do the body work..   Full story  HERE

Then there was a boat..

Very rare indeed.. 1959 Perfomer Seven Seas ..  I got about half way done and decided I would never get to finishing it ..  so I sold it to a fella who will..   I’m keeping in touch with hi, and hope to see how he does..   Full story  HERE