Old Tilt Trailer Page 2

Nov  2  2018

And on we go…    It was a delicate operation…  but I used my Tractor to flip the trailer end for end..

Now you can see the angle of the tilt…. and the clearance the wheels have.

It’s a bit steeper than I would like ..  but if you want the wheels tucked under than this is what you get..  And isn’t it interesting how it’s balanced !  Hopefully I can keep that after I add the side rails.

Except for a hole for the wires..  and clamping the wheel jack on..  the tongue is finished..  As soon as the paint is dry I’ll attach it to the trailer

And there we have it !  And surprise !  I welded the side rails on too.   The latch worked out great..  I now have the jack / wheel on the front..  so it a three wheeler..  And I’m happy with the weight..   I can push it around quite easily.

here’s a bit different view.  The side rails are low… about 6 inches.  And the front cross bar acts as a wheel chock.

The jack is on the drivers side…  because it should be…  Still need to finish the painting,

Done…  All that’s needed now is the deck.

Not So Old Anymore !

All done except the road test … and getting registration.

Sold !

Right after I registered the trailer and took it for a test run..  Which proved I know how to build a trailer :)…   I put it up for sale and sold it within the day..   Bye Bye..   On to the next project…

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