Old K-Mart 4×8 Folding Trailer PAGE 3

Sept  30  2020

Finishing the Trailer :

Once I joined the two halves together upside down it’s easy to do a good wiring job..  Consideration for the folding must be made.

This is were I do things a bit different..  First off I use loom to protect the wires,  Mostly the vehicle plug end.

A hole through the tongue on the left side and the loom passes through that with a tie so it can’t be pulled out.

The other thing I do is run the ground wire directly to the lights instead of relying on the frame as most do. This is far more reliable on any trailer because ground connections to the frame can rust and become poor. Plus this trailer folds up and there is two painted hinge points that would not allow ground to work well.  Bright ideas means bright lights !

Here’s how I solved the hinging problem..  Enough of a loop to accommodate the folding but keep it tucked up..


When the trailer is flipped over this with be the right hand light.

The lift table is SOOO great..  just roll the trailer over and lift to a comfortable height for working…

Well it’s all done and listed for sale..  She’s a cutey ..  folds up and stands up like it should.

And it’s still a very useful 4×8 trailer.   Nice and light.

End of this post..  it was fun …  Rob