I went Quading !

Got to go Quading with my Sister..

July 14


Yes That’s Me ! First time on a quad

My sister invited me to join her for a Quad Adventure.. hosted by the Nelson Club.  what the heck this is something I’ve never done before..  Kathy had two good quads , I used the 2004 Polaris 500 AWD. She had a newer Artic Cat , so away we go.. To the Bombi Pass on Hwy 3 .. Lots of logging roads and trails.  And our leader / straw boss got a bit lost..and none of us had GPS.. or even a compass. What !   Live and learn.

Lot’s of Quads that day I think a dozen or so

He wanted to go to the power line .. we were heading the totally wrong way. .But it was fun.. and for a bunch of beginners we got a work out.. some very steep rocky trails.. and some just plain old logging roads.  In the end it was all good DUSTY fun.. We just had to reverse back along the way we came..Good thing I’m good with directions..  The Polaris & I got a long just fine.. Even better when I remembered to take the parking brake off.  I’m amazed at where this things can go.. It was a hot day too.. Here we are found some shade to wait for the others to catch up. The Quad I was ridding is the one she sold to my friend Dave.. It’s great. The red Artic Cat that Kathy is on she has sold as well..  So now I’m fixing up one of my own.. See Post..  Let the adventures begin.

Kathy & me ..  This was the start of a love for quading for me..  The Polaris 500 that I’m riding has become Dave’s quad.  He loves it.