A new house Page 2

July 19 2022

Week three … the work continues :

But now I have help!  Brother in law is here from Winnipeg to give a hand.  I’m now done most of the painting.  Now we have some work to do that having help with it is great.  Starting with the half wall in the kitchen.

This change needs to be done before the painter comes next week to paint the living room and kitchen.  Adding 1 ft to the half wall is needed to have power outlets and back splash for the new lower cabinets that are happening here.  So this was #1 on the list.

Week 4..  home stretch..   All the painting is done except for the computer room.

The plumbers have been and that work is done. New water conditioner, new sink and a new outside faucet.  The yard shed is up and the garage is done …

There’s a lot more in there now..  So Brother in law is heading home and I can handle the last of the yard stuff.  Movers are coming in six days.

Update : Mid August…  Been so busy ..no time for updates.  We are moved in and mostly set up.  The garage is full.. as expected.  But it all fits.

The poor garage had to swallow up the contents of the sea can, barn and the garage from Pinter dr…  plus the two atvs and the Kubota BX..  it’s all in there now. In the house the furniture is all in place in the different rooms.

This is the set up for the family room.  Still a bit of work to do.  And the office has been wired and painted .  New shelves and the fiber now comes in here.

Still needs the drop ceiling done. And it’s getting a new window.  A work in progress.  but not the living room all done except a few pictures.

Notice the one foot rise in the wall.  Hard to tell it wasn’t always like that.  Yes you are seeing a lot of the same color paint..  We bought too much so I was using it in the office too.  And that turned out great.  Our computer desk that we have had for ever fits.  Nice to have high speed internet and TV again.