2013 Polaris Sportsman 500HO Part 2

Oct 7 2022

OK I’m ready !  The best place to start is with some cleaning. So do I remove the plastics ? Or not worry about what’s under them.  It’s not like I’m pressed for time.. However the time is coming soon where I will have to stop using the out side water..

I started with this part of the quad.  Pretty much all of the electrical is here.  And it was very dirty, so gave it a bath with the cyclone detail gun and a brush.  That’s a genital way to clean. Now I can read the fuse bock words!

I removed the rear rack to better clean the fenders and fix the crack from the underside. I’ll take this kind of stuff outside for a date with the pressure washer. Carefully.  With the sticher I fixed the crack inside the trunk.  There much better.  Bath Time !  I only removed the rear rack and the winch cover.  And I did use the outside water and my diluted purple power cleaner.  Then I put the stitches on the under side of the crack on the rear rack.  That takes care of all the plastic repair for now.

Wow it’s looking great..

I just erased 9 years from this one..  I got a great deal.  This is the way the quad will sit till all the bits and pieces come next week.  How ever the winch rope came the next day.

Yup bright red.. easy to see. I had a new hook and a Warn rubber stop too. This rope is supposed to be good for 8000 lbs.  The Polaris winch is a 2500 lb one and the ATV weighs less than 700 lbs.  And I have used winches in the past… get high centered on a log in the snow …and you will be thankful you have one.  So That’s why I’m fixing this one.

I had to remove the winch from the ATV.  Put it in the vice and spray the old cable… Tug Tug to get it free. It was jammed in the spool… someone ran it in too far.  any way I win..  Above is the new synthetic line , hook and rubber stop.  What’s the checkerboard metal under the atv you say ?

It’s on the lift table ! I can roll around on my stool to do the work.. Nice…So I’ve been removing each wheel so I can better check the brake pads and the condition of the bearings and bushings.

New video…  While we wait for parts.

Parts are here…  now the winch works perfectly. I was cleaning the air filter box and discovered these cracks on the under side of the boot that goes to the carburetor.

no way can I fix this …and I’m not going to duct tape it either.  New one ordered.

So it’s now spring 2023.  The snow is all gone and the the weather is getting warm.  I wish I had an indoor place for the Polaris… but I don’t.  So it has been siting all winter since mid October with a cover.

And .. well that’s been just fine.  A week ago on a very warm day I took the cover off.  Just for a lark I gave it a little choke and it started right up.  !  Wow !  Running just fine.. Needs an oil change ..so that’s next.

Update :  So the poor quad has continued to sit there under the cover. No place to go… no place to ride..  I fired it up once to move the utility trailer ( seen behind the quad) and that’s it..  It’s August now and I’ve decided to list it for sale..  The plan is to use the money for something I will use.  Thinking of a jeep TJ  to do some exploring here in Alberta.   We’ll see what happens..  SOLD