2001 John Deere 1420 Mower Page 2

Oct  30  2020

Let’s fix the motor and get this puppy running !

And the root problem is the carb.

And so a few parts have been ordered. Anew float needle valve, gasket, and new shutoff solenoid.  The last one is a pricey little thing.  The bad oil has been drained and a new filter installed.

Well new oil …carb all clean and back in… still won’t start.  Gone over and over the wiring , sensors and coils to try and find the problem.  Cleaned all the connections.  and then I found this.

One of the magnetic pick ups for the coil was bent back.  So that cylinder would not fire.  So I cleaned all of three of these and set the gap for the best pick up..  works all three plugs are working..  But the motor still refuses to start.   SO  I’m kicking the John deere to the curb for awhile..  Outside all covered up waiting for my patience to come back.

Jan 2021 … Update:

A friend of mine wanted to take the John Deere over to his shop and see if he could have luck with it.  And he did .. got it running  !  So I went over and helped him put some of the bits and pieces back on..  He bought a battery and we took it for a run outside.

Proof..   So I’m fixing up the seat..  The bottom cushion is at the upholstery shop..   All the hydraulics work perfectly.