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June 22 2023

Need to have a working water system :

Sooo I took that other tank out !

It’s been in there a while… cause the carpet is sorta clean.  Look at how much room I’ve got ! But I don’t have time right now to do all the work I need to do in this space, but here’s my plan.  I’m replacing the water tank fill, hose, vent and outside fill station.  Replacing the city water connection with a new one..  Those are the holes in the outside wall that you see.  I’m replacing the tank drain to the outside wall but NOT under the trailer.  The old one leaks, and it’s not convenient.

Here’s my stash of parts needed, old and new.  The new fill station has a nice door.  I’m not messin with the factory pipes… unless they leak when I test the system.

So.. what a mess.  I’ll explain some of the things you can see in this photo:  Next to the tank is the drain… The valve is hard to get to never mind not working. I’ll plug that hole in the tank.  Where the water feed comes out of the tank there is a tee with an little chunk of the garden hose still there.  That will become my new drain.  Next (with the green hose) is a bypass to close the tank off and pump antifreeze through the water lines. I found no sign of that being done.  Yes I’m worried ! The tank fill and vent line will be quite short.  Let’s hope that once I got these things done and put some water in the tank … I don’t have any leaks in places where I can’t fix.  First I will low pressure the lines with air through the city connection.  Less messy ! But sometimes hard to hear the leaking air.

The air test put my worries to rest.  All the lines were full of water. And out it came as I opened each faucet and flushed the toilet.

I could not hear any leaking air.. But it was only 25 psi..  I’m thinking the family I bought the trailer from did use the water system.  They did go camping this year so it’s quite likely they flushed the anti freeze out..  Both tanks had about 2 inches of water in them.  I will know for sure once I install the fill hose and put some water in the tank, run the pump…

Here’s where my new tank drain is now..  Handy ! Ok now the water tank fill is done.  I put about 8 gal of water in the tank and turned on the pump.  Found a tiny leak where I had attached the city water to the pump.  Fixed that and no leaks !  I win !!

Here’s what things look like now.  So I will vacuum under the bed good and put the bed back.  So with the plumbing back in working order it’s  on too some other things…  Maybe a new page…

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