1991 GMC Tracker Page 6

Dec 27 2015

Page 6 The Exterior Body Work:

Things are going to get dusty.  As I start to work my way around.  Lots of sanding and filling and grinding.  I started with the rear quarter panels and working my way forward..  Can’t avoid those rocker panels any more..

So I made up my mind to use 3 inch pipe. It works !  Very well .  Once I cut out all the rusty stuff there’s not much left..  Pipe was the answer.  It’s very strong too..  And it will take a lot of abuse.  Any one who goes off road will tell you that stuff you drive over flips up and smacks this part of and 4×4..  Quad or buggy.

I’ve been busy for a few days , and I’m happy that the pipe thing worked so well..  Filling and sanding till it looks good.

Nice transition.. I won’t have to hide this..  And look the holes for the interior light button are there..  Plus I managed to rebuild both buttons so I have it all original.  Need to paint the inner door frames and clean up ALOT.

Alright..  Dave & I got the hood and doors installed. Even adjusted them to close nice.  I also got the seats back from the upholsterer.  They look great.   I spent the day cutting the cardboard to fit over the rear and the sun roof..  getting ready for painting.. Still got a few touch ups so I’ll be a few days.

Or maybe just one.  Jan 7 2016..  And I’m ready for paint

The whole body has been sanded and all the boo boo’s fixed.

Everything is masked off.  Hey that’s a cool way to do a top..  I’ve seen a newer Tracker around with a top like that.   Don’t need a back seat !  Also good is the weather.  It’s warmed up to above freezing.. That means I can vent without sucking in -10 air.

Painting Day:

I thought I’d take a photo between the color and the clear coat.   Other than the color swatch and taking the lid off the can.. This is my first time seeing the color I chose.  Works for me.   As close to my quad as I could get.  It has silver metallic in it .. If it had green metallic it would be a perfect match.

I waited an hour then stripped the masking off.  Never leave the tape on longer than a few days.  All sorts of dents and other imperfections can be seen now that it’s shiny.  Oh well it’s not a show car.  I already spent a lot of time on the body.  So it’s time to put things back together..  I like this part  🙂

Here’s a list of the things I’ve yet to do:

Or need to do..  Let’s see if I get R done..

  • Install the power lock control
  • wire in the two new power plugs
  • Install all the weather stripping
  • Clean the seats
  • Put the carpet and interior back
  • Paint the grill and bumpers
  • Modify the bush guard

There is lots of little details as well..  but that’s the big stuff.

Time to start a new page with all this putting back together..