1990 Suzuki Tin Top Page 4

March 14 2016

Painting the interior:   Black !

Half way through March now..  Still waiting for the power locks to show up.. but I can carry on with the interior.  Big job changing the all white to all black.  Well not all..  but lots.  what’s not covered with a panel or trim.

Needs a second coat but you get the idea..  I don’t want any white showing..

Here you see the black panel that surrounds the door and windows..  I like this accent, it justifies the black interior.  Again once this paint is cured the doors go back on and the side windows too..  I now have the power locks to install in the doors..  I can put the headliner back as well..


Here’s the headliner back where it belongs…  All clean and the two little rips repaired.  And it smells better too..  I found mouse poop up behind the liner and yucky batting for sound proofing..  All good now.

I have tinted the rear windows and they are also back where they go..   The plan here is to seal out the dust and make it easier to mask off the windows.   There is still lots to do inside .. but it’s time to get to the last of the body work and get the Zook painted.

March 23 2016:    Exterior fixing.

Today I got busy and installed the rear door gasket, and the door sill moldings.   Then set to work on the fenders.  The new left side fender went on without a hitch.. fits great… no more binding on the door.

It’s always a pleasure working with new parts that FIT !   The right side fender however was a bit of a challenge.  There was too much gap on the lower part of the door.  I made the bolt holes a bit more oval.. and got that gap to a reasonable one.  Banged out some dents and it fit good..  The hood did not fit good.  So I removed it and made some adjustments to the hinges..  Fixed the hood prop too..  I can now move on to the yucky stuff.

Turned out not too bad.  In two days I had all the bodywork done..  I’m not being fussy with the rocker panels because they are covered with the plastic trim.  And the rest was easy too.   Talk about color change !

I decided to paint the yuckyness inside the fuel filler.  Normally I would have used the black here…  But I had some red spray paint… so it may not be a perfect match to the red I have mixed for the body… but I can live with a little difference.   I saw a nice yellow Tracker for sale .  Nice until you open the door and the original light blue color was everywhere.  Not Cool !  One more video before painting

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