1989 Suzuki Carry mini truck Page 2

June 14 2016

Motor Install & Frame Paint:

Well not quite the same as the other projects.   I have the good paint for the frame..  And it’s black.  yup decided to keep it simple..  If I was to change to grey I would have to do a lot more painting.  And the black undercoating that is all over could be a problem.   As for the box..  need to fix the dents , paint the bottom orange,  paint box liner inside,  install stake pockets.   I have also purchased new rims and tires for my little friend..

With a new motor and these..   we will be stylin.

Update on Motor:

So as it turns out it’s not easy getting parts for the motor in this truck.  Apparently several of the internal parts were changed over the years …so..  the pistons I have take a longer connecting rod,  narrow rings and a pressed in pin.  The ring set that came with the truck are the wider / newer type.  So I ordered a new set of pistons that the rings fit..  BUT  the rods I have won’t work with the new pistons.  Solution !   Get my old pistons machined to fit the new rings.  And that only took an hour and $30.  Wow !  Now it’s going back together..   So a new plan is to get the motor ready for install .. then do the frame.  and today we got quite far.

Here’s the motor so far..  Still more bits to go on..  but it coming together quickly.

June 26 2016:

It really is time to get this truck back on the road.. So I’ve backed it into the shop and I’ve removed the fuel tank …getting ready for painting the frame.  I’m using Por15 paint..  it’s the best at sealing the rust.  Plus it’s a hard finish..

Here’s just the first coat.  And with that I concentrated on the rusty parts.  The important thing is to get the motor & trans back in.

Here’s the new battery box for the right side.  This will hold another tractor battery and give me extra power for the winch.  I’m installing a tube across the frame after the trans is back to hold the cables.  No more attaching them to the underside of the box.

All painted now..  with the new wheels on the back.  And the fuel tank back home , ( with four bolts instead of three).   Ready for the motor…   and the motor….

Is ready for the truck..  Tomorrows job !  The transmission is back on and most things ready..

The motor is in and running !  Ya hoo.  Took a bit of fussing with the timing to get it running , but it’s all good now.  Will it smoke ?  Will it leak ?  we will see.  Here’s a new video..

Now there’s a few vent lines to hook up and some electrical stuff to do.

Electrical Stuff:

I had to remove the dash… which was a good thing..  Not only easier to get the wiring proper.. but the nut had come off the washer nozzle and very hard to reach.  So that is fixed.  I’ve installed a new stereo, a switch for the running lights , and new 12 volt power outlet..  and my favorite “keyless” locking.

I still need the find speakers that will work.  I’m thinking motorcycle / ATV speakers would be a good choice.  Because the space in the cab is tight..  And I decided not to put them on the door.  So they have to be found.  But for now everything is back in working order..  We even improved the battery hook -up wires.  And better ground.   So the box is next…  New page for that…

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