1988 Bigfoot Camper Page 2

Dec 3 2017

Décor Ideas..   Fixing Ideas…  Things to change..

Here’s the post for that stuff..  My mind just goes crazy with what I can do..   And aside from replacing the missing cabinets,  There is way more I’m thinking about..   Everything from adding lights and vents..  to redecorating the kitchen !  I could turn this camper into a very nice place to spend time..

I was at the building supply store getting a tarp..   While there I had a look at the formica laminate samples.   So let’s start with some décor ideas shall we.  Brought a bunch home and looked at them with a door, a cushion and piece of paneling.  And these samples jumped out..

And this photo is not a good one for the true colors.  So I went out to the camper to look again..

I put the laminate sample on the table ..  and .. wow.. yes that works..  WAY classier than the white.  And the same goes for the kitchen counter top..  And that little swatch of yellow..  It’s a close match for the Harvest gold sink and stove that will go in the boler.  When I see it next to the oak cabinets and the new counter top I like it a lot..  That’s a solution to the partially painted walls in the kitchen..

Yes !  it is.  I’m thinking this color is perfect for all the walls and the cupboard fronts in the kitchen..  only..  maybe.  Plans change.  But I got a liter of the paint to try on one of the boler cabinet doors..

This larger sample gives a better idea of the look.  It’s a very nice “earthy” warm yellow.  The black & stainless steel appliances will look good.  I need to find  some lino for the floor that is light color and ties it all in.

Now for some changes…  Functional changes.   The Hood over the stove..  looks like this..

Someone wrapped the front in polished aluminum..  ok.. I get it .. but moving the switches over to the monitor panel..?   And using the water pump switch as one of them.. naw.  not for me.  And! do you notice something missing from the monitor panel ?  YA  all the labels telling you what is what..  Soooo I’m changing the whole shaboo.. for the hood from Dave’s old wrecked Award trailer..  It’s got the monitor panel and clearly marked switches right up front..

Nice eh !  There is however too many lights and switches..  I’m not sure yet if the camper has two holding tanks or one..  and the fresh water tank I’m getting from Dave has no level sensors on it..  That could be fixed if I can find a source for them.  And the battery level ?  With only three lights !  Well you all should know by now that I prefer the digital one.  I’ll do a bit of modifying to suit my needs . And paint it black too..  All appliances will be black.  I’m thinking of swapping out the range for the one from Dave’s Award parts trailer.. It’s a newer stove with a piezo lighter and it’s a nice black finish too. With a stainless cover for the burners.   Nice!  I had a look in the dump valve box ..  found a few things I thought were missing.. and could plainly see that this camper has a grey tank and a black tank..  So the monitor panel makes sense now.  I will just need to figure out which wires read which level.   The Bigfoot was moved to storage at a friends place for the summer..   His place flooded this year .. and the river was about 6 inches up the belly of the camper…  So some water got in the door..  It seems ok though..  other than some silt nothing bad happened.

Sept 2018

It was time to bring the Bigfoot home for the winter..   The nice stands were available now that the Frontier was on the trailer.


I gave it a bath …and it’s looking great.  This is a good place for it to spend the winter.. and in the spring this is a good place to work on it too.