1987 Dodge Raider 4×4 Page 3

Feb  24  2017

Other things to fix :

Now that the carburetor is changed over and working good..  It’s time to address some of the other things.   And the first and somewhat urgent fix is the exhaust leak at the bottom of the header, where it joins the two into one pipe .  It’s never good to have a leak in the exhaust system.   Plus it can be noisy..  this wasn’t too noisy but you could hear it.   So I thought it was simply the gasket that goes there..   And while trying to get the very rusted nuts off we sheared the studs..  Oh boy now we got a can of worms..  But I looked at it as an opportunity to remove the exhaust manifold and remove some more of the not needed  stuff .  So we pulled the both pieces of the exhaust out.   And this turned out to be a very good thing..  because the leak was not the gasket ..but a crack in the pipe.

The crack is right up against the weld..   That will not do so I welded the crack up and drilled and tapped out the studs… got new studs & nuts..  Also welded shut a hole where the pipe came off for the silly reed valve..  ( pollution control stuff).   The new carb has no place to hook up that stuff.. so it’s doing nothing but taking up space.  Plus it could be another exhaust leak down the road..  When all is done I should have a very quiet Raider.

Isn’t that pretty !   This is going to put the rest of the motor to shame..   You can see my plug for where the pipe was..   Oh and the heat shield will not go back on..  it’s only real purpose was to provide warm air to the air intake..    Again no place for that.

Well I’m all done that job..  and the exhaust is going out the back where it should..  That crosses a few things of the list..   It’s good to drive till the weather is warmer.

Nov 2017

Well I did get the brakes done,,  And used the Raider for most of the summer..  then I put it up[ for sale..   It’s sold now to someone I know and he wanted a good hunting buggy..  Prefect..   That chapter closed !