1975 Surfside Trailer: Page 4 Body

Dec 22 2022

Starting the exterior body work..Down under.

The belly of the beast is first up..  There is some cleaning and fixing under there before the frame goes back.  Deciding what to do as I go..  One thing for sure is the black gravel guard on the lower front of the body.  Here’s a photo example of the under side damage that needs fixing.

This is the right front looking back.  You can see the curve of the frame.  And the frame has rubbed through in a few places.  There also visible is the holes where the propane lines went through.  All of this needs fixing …  and further back if you look there is a nail sticking through.  I saw more of that at the rear of the trailer.  Nails ! really ! When I’m done the only holes will be for the bolts holding the body to the frame.  I’m really acquainted with the under side of the trailer.  Still working under there and using my creeper to get around.  And working from front to back..  Also while I’m mixing filler I’m fixing some small holes and gouges.  Today I finished the front and sprayed the gravel guard on.

Some of this will be hiding behind the box.  The amount of rock chips on the front corners was huge.  Hopefully this will help.  I sprayed right under the front up to first cross frame and two of the hold down bolt holes.  The rest of the under side will get the precoat primer.

DONE.  Repaired , holes filled, sanded and cleaned.  Just one coat for now , second after the body work is done.  This is more than I did for the 76 Surfside.  I filled the holes but that was all.

I did paint the wheel wells too.  Why not, they were handy.  Yup there’s the creeper..  Rolling around under there while painting was a challenge, trying not to touch the wet paint.  Next the frame goes back under.

Done ! I work alone doing this.. I used small moving dollies under the rear bumper combined with my Floor jack to move the frame under the trailer. Then I lift the frame up and put jack stands under the frame. Lower the body down one end at a time. Line up the bolt holes and there you have it.

And if the frame and body look like this … you win.  Oh one more thing to mention.  I put truck canopy foam tape on the top of the frame.  This should help with the rubbing of the body on the frame.

Couldn’t resist placing the box on the tongue to see the fit and the look.  Yup that works good..  So now that I have room on my lift table , it’s time to remove the cabinets.   New post for that.

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