1973 Boler Page #5 Exterior Re-Assembly

Jan  4  2018

This will include the new vinyl flooring and some of the wiring:

But mostly I’m doing the fun part..  Lights !

Like these LED stop / turn / tail lights.  These are a boler must have.  I’ve been fighting with the door..  it used to fit better..  turns out my new door gasket is to thick..   so I took a knife to it and “pared” things down..  a lot !  fits now and closes the way it should.  Will need some foam gasket to fix a few gaps.


The Devil is in the Details !

And I got this right.  New handle …new keys…  and a lucky key chain.  I almost forgot the plate holder for the back..  So I did the restore on it and ….

Looks great!  This plate holder came off the Colman tent trailer that is donating many things to the boler.  I should turn my attention to the inside flooring..  There’s work to do in there.

I’ve filled the holes in the floor and used the latex caulking on the seams of the interior cushy wall cover..  And with help I got the front and rear windows in.

The lock strip was the hardest part of this..   But got-R- done .   Just a few more things before installing the flooring.

Like this fresh water fill.   And the power cord hatch..  and the sink drain connection.

Of which I think I better label so no one  hooks water up to it..  That would be messy.  This is for hooking a hose up.. and draining into a bucket..  or your friends tent..  or use your own ideas..

Had a bit of a fight with the glue that was recommended by the flooring store..  Ended up mostly using contact cement. ( they said do not use contact cement) but it works great..   so not sure why I wouldn’t use that ..  given the fact that there is all these weird surfaces.  However !  It looks great.. and should be easy to clean.

Work on the boler will have to take a bit of a break for a few months.. There is a strong possibility that we will be moving.. so I have to clean out the shop for viewing.  And that was just the kick I needed to get the trailer to lock up.. and back on the frame..

Got a lot more done today..   and this is what it looks like now..  still need the frame under it.. but that’s happening tomorrow.

Body Meets Frame !

And it’s a perfect fit !

We put foam canopy tape on the frame… everywhere it touches.  Bolted down with galvanized bolts..  So it could be lifted off again.  And those are not through the frame.. beside the frame.

And this is all you see.. inside the cabinets.    Way better..

And the rear bumper is a perfect fit ..with the spare tire close .. but not touching the back of the trailer.  Now I’m wiring the running lights so it can be towed  around..  Oh and I have naked 12 ” rims on to keep the trailer low..  so it fits through my 7 ft high door.  It will end up being 4 ” higher with the proper wheels.

Lights  ! Camera !  just a bit of Action !

Pretty lights..   Yup got this part done…   and then it was out the door..

With the 12″ rims only ..the trailer fit nicely out the door..  and then the real wheels went on..   and I towed it over to the other driveway..

But not before a photo op..   I like the ride height..  So it’s tarped  to keep the weather off, and all the bits and pieces are inside..

The next page will happen when I get back to doing the interior..

Page 6  The Interior